Five Ways to keep your dog fit and healthy this January

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Top 5 Tips

Walkies!  Just like humans, dogs need exercise! Most dogs require 30 minutes or more each day exercise depending on their age, breed and fitness levels. Taking your dog for long walks or even a jog is a great way for you to keep fit with your canine companion! Brave the bitter winter weather and find 30 minutes a day and your dog will look and feel healthier. Letting your pooch run around the back garden doesn’t count!

Agility. There are dog agility classes all over the UK due to their recent surge in popularity. They are a fantastic and fun way of staying fit, believe us it’s tougher than it looks! Dogs may find it difficult at first but they soon get the hang of it, particularly if you use a strong scented, healthy treat such as capelin to guide them around the course.

Watch their weight. The amount of calories you should feed your dogs varies depending on their age, weight and levels of activity, so it’s little wonder most of us are clueless when it comes to how much or how little we should be feeding our dogs. Fear not, there’s an app for that! The SlimDoggy iPhone app was created for that very reason. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can use their tracker tool on their website. 

Border Collie

Diet.   Yes, I know, no-one likes the ‘D’ word. But just like us humans, if we’ve overindulged and put on a few pounds over the festive season, it’s a good idea to control our diet to compensate. Of course conveying this to our four-legged friends isn’t easy. A good way to do this is to gradually decrease portion sizes or substitute treats with healthy, low–fat alternatives such as Whitefish Jerky Crunchies.

Read dog food labels. Your dog’s overall health is impacted by how much and what they eat.  Spend some time reading your dog food/ treat labels and spot healthy and unhealthy ingredients. Consider natural, hypo-allergenic treats.


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