About Us

At Sea Treats, we produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much loved pets, using fish ingredients sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK, and with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities.

Based right at the heart of the UK’s premier award winning Grimsby Seafood Village, our factory manufactures the best quality fish-based treats. Our facility is UK government approved with processes in place to UK approved standards.

We comply with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) traceability standards, which ensures full traceability of our products throughout the supply chain. From our fresh, daily sourced raw materials to the treat you give your pet, we are able to trace the date and time of manufacture and the quality records for the processing, right back to the raw materials used. We only work with responsible suppliers who have full traceability of our raw materials, right back to the vessel the fish came from!

Our commitment to sourcing high quality fish from well regulated, sustainable fisheries has earned Sea Treats the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in the dog treat industry, an accreditation we are very proud of! Our Sea Treats fish ingredients are guaranteed to be sourced exclusively from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. You can feed your pet premium quality, natural fish-based treats they will love, safe in the knowledge that the fish has come from an independently verified sustainable source.

Our Team

More than 100 years combined experience – Our team brings more than a century of combined knowledge in the fish and seafood sector to our products. We are dedicated to producing and developing a fish-based dog treat range that is unique, full of flavour and nutrition, packed with health benefits and one which is extremely appealing to our loveable pets.

Professor Michael Dillon

A former Unilever and Geest specialist in new product development, Mike brings his considerable experience of sustainable supply chain and traceability to bear on his role as Managing Director. Mike has also worked as a United Nations specialist in value chain and fair trade.

Angela Phillips

The pet industry is our Financial Director’s passion. With more than thirty years working in this industry, Angela was one of the early pioneers of ‘fresh meat inclusion’ in complete dog food in the UK. Angela has been showing and breeding Gundogs since the 1980s and has Champions in Gordon Setters including the Top Gordon Setter 2013.

Tracy George

Our Business Development Director has more than twenty five years’ experience within UK and international seafood supply chains and with a background in UK retail and manufacturing, Tracy brings extensive experience of new category development and strategic trading.

Alex Friar

With a strong background in Workforce Planning, Process and Productivity Management, Alex has extensive experience in improving business performance across a range of clients and locations, having worked for one of the world’s leading Fortune Global 500 consultancy companies. Alex has been showing and breeding dogs for 20 years and has campaigned titleholders with Show and Field awards. Alex is also a judge at Championship Show level.

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