Sea Treats makes MSC Certified Dog Treats

What is the MSC?

The MSC, which stands for Marine Stewardship Council, was founded back in 1997.

They are an international, not-for-profit organisation who run an exciting and ambitious program which aims to transform the world's seafood market and promote sustainable fishing practices.

MSC sustainability standards were developed through intense collaboration between scientists and conservation groups, along with experts and stakeholders from within the fishing industry. 

Sea Treats are proud to say that included in our natural fish-based dog treats range, is the World's First white fish jerky dog treat which complies full with MSC sustainability standards, and therefore has earned the MSC Certification.

We are the world's first fish-based dog treat manufacturer to be MSC certified, an accolade we are extremely proud of.

What does this mean for you?

When you buy our MSC certified treats, you can be safe in the knowledge that they were produced using fish derived from an independently verified sustainable source

The MSC is considered the world's premier authority on sustainable fishing, and their assessment procedure is recognised as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive of its type.

Why is the MSC Certification important?

MSC Certification is not just a simple logo on our products - it underlines our strong commitment to protecting the world's oceans and the fragile marine ecosystem that dwells within it.

Our oceans must be safeguarded, as they support the livelihoods of 10% of the world's population - fish also makes up 1/6 of our animal protein.

The situation is not helped by unsustainable fishing practices that put fish populations and ocean habitats under pressure. Coastal fishing communities are also at risk.

By purchasing MSC certified products (such as our tasty Sea Treats), you're helping to protect an entire ecosystem, and ensure healthy, thriving oceans for the future.

MSC provides the solution to an increasingly important issue. They make sure that fish stocks are healthy, the environment is protected and livelihoods are secured.

You can be confident when buying MSC certified products that the ingredients can be traced back to a sustainable fishery.

You'll also help to drive change, and you can enjoy your seafood today safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty more for tomorrow.

How can I find out more information?

The MSC's official website has a wealth of information concerning their vision for sustainable fish.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit:

Mike Dillon and Tracy George proudly show off their MSC CertificationAbove: Mike Dillon, Managing Director and Tracy George, Business Development Director, proudly show off their MSC Certification.The Arctic Ocean, where our MSC certified sustainable fishery isAbove: This is the Arctic Ocean, off the coast of Norway. We get our fish from the MSC certified sustainable fishery found here.A cod fishAbove: This is a cod fish - just one of the many different types of fish we use to make our tasty Sea Treats.