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How to post a review

If your pets enjoy our tasty Sea Treats, then we would be very grateful if you would leave is a product review on our website to tell other dog owners how much you like them.

1. Simply go to the product page for the product you would like to review.

Click the 'Write a Review' button.

Please note: You must be signed into your Sea Treats account in order to write a review.

2. Writing a review is easy.

Clicking the 'Write a Review' button will bring up a window in the middle of the screen with several different boxes to fill in.

You'll need to leave your review title, your comments as well as a rating out of 5 stars. Once you've done that, simply click the 'Send' button.

Don't forget to click 'OK' on the next screen.

3. Your review has been approved.

Once your review has been approved you will receive an email. You can then go to the product page and view your review online under the product reviews.

Other customers can then click 'Yes' or 'No' to say if the review was helpful.

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